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Expanding your Menu with real Belgian Waffles ?

WABESweetBelgianWaffleThe real sweet Belgian waffles are now available for everyone at rock bottom prices.

We are here to help you expand your menu and generate more business by putting this Belgian delicacy on your menu.

The freshly baked sweet Belgian waffle or Brussels waffle makes a great snack, dessert or breakfast.

As a Belgian food distributor we deliver to hotels, restaurants, catering services, coffee houses, food concessions and non-profit organizations, basically anyone who wants to bake real fresh Belgian waffles.

We want to offer you a great and easy new product with a high profit margin; the wonderful taste and aroma will sell the product for you.

Add the Belgian waffle to your dessert, snack or breakfast menu today and start making money!
In order to help you bake fresh Belgian waffles, We bring together all the high quality products you need at rock bottom prices:

  • Frozen dough for sweet Belgian waffles / Frozen Liege waffle dough
  • Belgian Waffles Dough Mix
    for Pearl sugar waffles, Brussels Waffles and Waffles on a Stick
  • Commercial Cast Irons Waffle makers for
    sweet Belgian waffles , Liege waffles, Brussels waffles, Waffles on a stick

We monitor market updates and trends closely so that we are able to introduce new products and recipes as soon as they become available. This allows YOU, our external vendors, to stay ahead of the competition by offering YOUR customers the latest trends in Belgian waffles.

Beat the competition, be unique.

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