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Frozen waffle dough

Belgian waffles Sweet Belgian Waffle
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Frozen waffle dough

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We are an official Belgian exporter and distributor of Belgian food products, not a franchiser or ‘hidden’-franchise provider. There are :

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The taste and aroma of Liege waffles or sweet Belgian waffles in your restaurant or food concession?

Sweet Belgian WafflesVia our local dealers or directly from our base in Belgium we deliver frozen Belgian waffle dough or frozen Liege Waffle dough enabling you to bake fresh sweet Belgian waffles or Liege waffles at food concessions, hotels, restaurants, banquets and catering, coffee shops, public venues, fundraising activities, etc.

We are becoming the largest exporter of frozen liege waffle dough for the sweet Belgian waffle or sugar waffles for Canada and the US. The Belgian waffle dough is based upon an old Belgian family waffle recipe using flour, original Belgian pearl sugar, vegetable oil, water, eggs and yeast.

Our high quality sugar waffle dough is made in Belgium where all waffle ingredients are mixed together. Once mixed, the dough is divided into 115gr. dough balls and instantly deep frozen and packed into boxes. We export the frozen dough for the sweet Belgian waffle from Belgium into Canada and the USA and deliver it to your doorstep. You will now be able to serve this freshly baked sweet Belgian waffle to your customer. The aroma and taste of the sugar waffle or Liege waffle are unbeatable and once the baking starts, the waffle will sell itself.

Are you ready for the WAFFLE WAVE ?

Sweet Belgian WafflesWatch out for the sweet Belgian waffles or Liege Waffle in your area. We are already helping several new customers with their setup.

The sweet Belgian waffle and Brussels waffle is rapidly spreading in Canada and the USA. We can provide you with the opportunity to enjoy this success in your city.

Don't wait too long and be the first to offer these wonderful freshly baked Belgian waffles in your area.

Find out how easy it is to make a 300-500% and higher profit margin and how we can help you to start your own waffle concession or add this fresh product to your menu.

The low startup cost and quick return on investment makes the business a perfect fit for the current economical situation. The low sales price and attractable aroma and taste keep your customers coming back.

NO franchise, NO contracts, NO strings attached !!

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Frozen dough Liege Waffle
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